Yophiel (Jophiel or Zophiel) is widely recognised in both Jewish and Christian tradition. Jewish mystics describe him as a Great Angel Chief in the Zohar (part of the Jewish Kaballah) and in Christian writings Yophiel is an Archangel of illumination. As patron of the arts, Yophiel assists with creative pursuits but also encourages us to use our talents to serve others, whether those are physical skills, knowledge or wisdom that we can pass on to others.

Through our creative talents we ourselves shine a light for others, inspiring them to reflect on their own lives and look at the world through a different lens. Ask Yophiel for the spark of inspiration for your next challenge.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Use your creative skills today. Create something that inspires or helps others. It may be something you design or build, a piece of writing or music, or an experience you share with someone. You may not feel like an ‘artist’ but remember that creativity can be expressed in many ways. Your imagination and willingness to express yourself are the only limitations.


“I will use my creative talents to serve others and the world.”


As we begin this 30 day spiritual journey, call  the angels to bring light and celestial energies to the planet and use the meditation below to visualise these energies filling the Earth, like a grid of crystals of light reaching from the center of the Earth. Imagine this crystal grid reaching right up to the top of the atmosphere, surrounding and bathing all life in healing, peace and love.
The meditation is 10 minutes long and can be conducted at any time each day.


  1. Angela McElroy

    This was a great idea. I’m really enjoying these angelic reflections for Advent. Thank you for sharing, Richard, and for the late Darren Linton’s beautiful meditation. X

    • admin

      You’re welcome. Thank you for taking part! x

  2. Chhaya sharma

    Today I ask some questions to Angeles and pray to him solve my problems.thanks sir.