Cassiel is a mystical angel who appears in several forms in Jewish, Christian and Islamic texts (Qaphsiel, Kafziel and others – the correct pronunciation is KAS-FAY-IL). Cassiel means ‘God is my Anger’ and he is often described as the angel of tears, but also the angel of temperance and solitude. How do we interpret or use this energy?  Loneliness is a great scourge in modern society. As we become more connected through technology, many actually become LESS connected physically and emotionally. At this time when we are contemplating the idea of peace, call on Cassiel to help and support those who are alone, or without love (including ourselves when we feel isolated and unconnected for any reason.)


TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Do you know anyone who may be lonely over the festive season? Give them a call and say ‘hello’. It could be the call that provides a spark of hope, love and joy in their life at this precious time.


“I am not alone in the world because I am loved.”



As we continue this 30 day spiritual journey, call upon God to shine His light of love across the Earth. Increase the inner light of God within yourself and the whole of Mother Earth. Let yourself receive these higher energies until you are full and complete. The meditation can be conducted at any time each day.

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    Hi, Richard.
    I am really enjoying this very special Advent calendar and today’s affirmation resonates with a dream I had last night, where I was delivering something important to a family I know but knocked on the wrong door, where an elderly gentleman – a complete stranger-begged me to come in as he was so lonely. I was unable to do so because it was urgent that I make the delivery to the family I knew, but I promised I would return to visit him and it haunted me throughout the rest of my dream, so that on waking, my first thought was to go and visit the lonely old man. After a while, I realised it was a dream – but it has made me think, and now this angel today!! Action of some kind required, I feel!! Thank you so much. x