Islamic tradition speaks of two ‘honorable scribes’, the angels Raqib an Atid. These angels record all our deeds, determining whether we have offered ‘good’ or ‘bad’ service to the world. On the day of judgement, that record of all our deeds will determine the path we take after death. Similar beings are described in Judaic and Christian writing, sitting on the right and left sides of God.

This may seem simplistic in today’s culture, but it is worth remembering that often we know in our hearts whether we are acting for the best in our dealings with others. And yet we often allow ourselves to be influenced by anger, jealousy, lust or pride. Whether you believe in an angelic record of deeds or not, one thing is certain: in our minds and hearts there is a lifetime record of all our thoughts and actions. Ask yourself if you are living a fully spiritual life? If not, ask Raqib and Atid for guidance.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: If you willing to be honest and candid, make a list of thoughts and deeds which you believe were not taken in love or through good intention. Forgive yourself for any known or unknown hurt you may have done to others and pray for transformation so that you are always working for the best possible outcomes for everyone. If you wish you can burn or destroy your list as part of the ritual of reconciliation.


“I live my life for the best possible outcomes for myself and all the lives I touch.”


As we continue this 30 day spiritual journey, use the golden angelic light in this mediatation to receive angelic blessings for yourself and offer them to the world. The meditation can be conducted at any time each day.

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  1. Kathy Perry

    Thank you Darren…..just beautiful!