Raziel is one of the better known ‘mystical’ angels, originally described in the Kaballah, the mystic teachings of Judaism. Often referred to as the Keeper of Secrets, Raziel’s real power is the protection of knowledge in all its forms. You may have heard of the ‘Book of Raziel’, containing secrets and magic. It has been said that this angel stood by the throne of God and therefore overheard God’s words as he created Eden with it’s Tree of Knowledge. I guess we’d all like to study that book!

But perhaps a more practical approach to working with this angel is to call on him to assist in using YOUR OWN knowledge and wisdom, in your life and in service to others. Each of us is a fountain of knowledge. Everything we have learned and experienced is inside our mind and soul. And every human being is a unqiue ‘book of secrets.’ Call on Raziel to inspire and guide you to use your knowledge to make the world a better place.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  In your journal or diary, make a list of subjects that you have studied and skills that you have learned. Try to include everything that has led you to this point. It could be as mundane as knowing how to drive or cook. It may include hobbies, pastimes, or subjects that fascinate you. And of course it will include any academic or practical studies or qualifications. Remember even ‘normal’ day-to-day tasks that you might consider ‘simple’ may well be a mystery to others (‘the best way to iron a shirt’, ‘making the perfect cheese sandwich’, or even ‘how to give birth’!) Reflect on how you can use your knowledge to help others and serve the community, especially over the festive season.


“I will use my gifts and talents to serve myself and the world.”


As we continue this 30 day spiritual journey, call upon the angels to bring light and celestial energies to the planet and use the meditation below to visualise these energies filling the Earth, like a grid of crystals of light reaching from the center of the Earth. Imagine this crystal grid reaching right up to the top of the atmosphere, surrounding and bathing all life in healing, peace and love.
The meditation is 10 minutes long and can be conducted at any time each day.

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