Can You Support Our Work?

The Angels wish to serve and support the whole of mankind and womankind across the planet. Gifted teachers like Darren Linton have been helping seekers to connect and understand their spiritual ‘impulse’ for many years. We wish to continue that work, to support those who seek healing, love, direction, purpose and spiritual guidance.

However, since Darren’s passing in July 2018, we’ve been working to re-designing Darren’s legacy – updating websites and course materials ready for the next generation of students.


Websites and online teaching tools cost many hundreds of dollars per month. And both Richard Haywood, Darren’s former business partner, and a few willing volunteers, are giving many hours each month to support the project, unpaid. Richard is currently covering the costs of maintaing Darren’s websites and courses out of his own pocket.  Ultimately we hope to bring Guided By Angels back into profit so that the work is self-funding through sales. But in the meantime, we’re reaching out to students, followers and angel lovers everywhere for financial support.

If you can give even a small amount to help us you’ll have our prayers, blessings and thanks. And we’d like to offer something in return.

We’ve created a FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP group in which all those who contribute will be rewarded with access to Darren’s books, meditations and courses. This group will be a special group within our angel community – VIP guests who will always be first in line for courses, webinars and workshops. And based on how much you are able to give, you’ll have immediate access to all of the newly designed programmes we’re currently working on. Please take a look and ask your angels for guidance on whether you can support our work.

PLEASE NOTE that since we are based in the UK we take payments in UK Pounds. These will convert to your currency through PayPal or your banking provider (check an approximate conversion rate by simply searching in Google). You do not need a PayPal account – simply select the option to use an alternative at checkout.

Whether you choose to join this exclusive Founder group or not, we’d like to wish you every blessing for the future. We hold all our followers in our hearts and prayers. Please include Darren in your prayers too. Thank you.