Darren Linton taught thousands of people in over 50 countries around the world how to connect with the angels and receive their love, healing, guidance and miraculous assistance with their lives. The angels gave him a highly effective process for connecting with the angels, and asked him to share it with the world. The angels are here to help all of us. Tragically, Darren passed away on July 23rd 2018. Darren had a unique gift. His connection with the Divine existed at an extraordinarily deep level and his ability to inspire others as well as offer personal guidance changed many, many lives.

Through his writing, online webinars, workshops around the UK and the courses he created, Darren was able to spread the message of angelic love, wisdom and support to millions of followers across the globe.  He felt the powerful presence of angels around him and channelled messages daily, often transcribing and interpreting them in his newsletters and blog posts. He was always working on new ideas and exploring ways of reaching out.

Earth Healing Meditation – FearBuster

You are invited to be part of a special ‘Earth Healing Meditation’ designed to bring powerful and beneficial higher energies to the earth, for the good of all. It’s taken from the Ascending To Love programme.

In this meditation, Darren leads you in his FearBuster exercise, designed to help you release unwanted fears or blocks and replace them with powerful healing energies. The exercise will help you release issues that are holding you back in life, but will also add to the positive healing energy being circulated around the planet.

We have provided a link to the meditation below. There is no music with this meditation so feel free to put on some gentle music while you listen and participate. You may also wish to keep pen and paper handy to make notes at the end of each part of the exercise.

You may listen or download the meditation and enjoy it today, and again in the future. There is great value in thousands all performing the same meditation on the same day, but your continued participation and use of the meditation will continue to further build the positive energies in you and the world.

To listen use the link below. You can perform this meditation at any time, wherever you are in the world. Thank you for participating in this global event. PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR BY EMAIL

The FearBuster Exercise

by Darren Linton

Right-click or tap to download the meditation as an MP3 file here:

Here is a further message from the angels:

Welcome Beloved One
Know that you are a being of light not just merely a human with a soul. You carry the energy of God and the universe within your being. You are connected to them. You can access them. You can receive the love of God and the energies of the universe to support you in what you came to earth to do. Learning how to access the love and energy of God and the Universe will transform your life, and those of others too.
Imagine if you were a Genie (like in the story of Aladdin, only free, like at the end of the story). With unlimited powers, what would you do? You might well create abundance, love, happiness, beauty, joy and harmony in your own life first. You might then seek to use your gifts to help others and the world. Perhaps like the genie in the bottle, you have felt trapped, lost or stuck, at some stage, and longed to be free. This course will help to rub your lamp, release the stopper, and help you to soar, become free and explore and use your abilities. You can return to the comfort of your bottle as often as you like, if you wish, until you feel happy with your new freedom and gifts!
Once you have tasted the love, beauty and freedom of the Divine, and have been touched, and you will wish to experience more. With guidance and training yu can link with the love and magic of God and the Universe often, so that you can (re)build your connection to the Divine, and enjoy all that follows. It will transform all aspects of your life for the better (and those of others, and the world, too)
Welcome to the start of your journey home.
The Divine


Thank you for taking part in these transmissions of new light and energy, and healing for the world.

In Memory of Darren

We are currently raising funds to support Darren’s work, and making donations to charities that Darren supported. If you wish to contribute to the fund, please use DONATE button here. Please include Darren in your prayers.