Angel Phanuel is the angel of repentance and hope. His name means ‘face of God’ and is one of the four great angels of the Book of Enoch. Phanuel presides over the judgment of all of us, assists us when we recognise our faults and wish to make amends. And through repentance and sorrow (both inward and outward) we are given hope for a better, brighter future, blessed by the light of all the angels.


 In our week of healing, call on Phanuel to guide you. See your faults as challenges to overcome. Everyone has the capacity to change. To heal. To become a better human being. And as we strive for greater openness, honesty, empathy and love for others, we ourselves will be blessed with all of those things in abundance.


TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Reflect on areas of your life where you haven’t been quite as pure as you might have hoped. Find a way to apologise in some small way – either to someone you may have offended or hurt, or to yourself for letting yourself down. Feel the healing energy of the angels.



“I seek to become a better person in every way.”


As we continue this 30 day spiritual journey, call upon the angels to bring healing light to the world and use the meditation below to visualise these energies filling the Earth. Increase the inner light of God within yourself and the whole of Mother Earth. Let yourself receive these higher energies until you are full and complete.
The meditation is 13 minutes long and can be conducted at any time each day.

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  1. Chhaya sharma

    Very energetic healing to grow ourselves.i promise I will grow myself a best person in this world.thanks.