Welcome to this unique ‘angel advent calendar’ – 30 days over which you are called to commune daily with the angels.

Over the next four weeks (through until December 30th) we’ll be celebrating the festive season by calling the angels and archangels into our lives. Each week will follow a theme as follows, with a guided visualisation you can use throughout the whole week:

WEEK ONE: Preparing For The Festive Spiritual Journey

WEEK TWO: Healing In Mind & Body

WEEK THREE: Spreading Peace Throughout Humanity

WEEK FOUR: Seeking Power & Strength To Transform Our Lives

You’ll find a new page every day, with an image that you can contemplate, an angel to call upon, a thought or reflection and an affirmation for the day. Plus we’ll be adding a daily challenge which is entirely optional but we believe will help you connect more deeply with the Divine.

Finally we invite you to leave your own positive, loving and supportive comments each day to inspire others taking part.

So join us each day and help bring a wave of angelic love to the world. Just bookmark and visit the calendar page: http://guidedbyangels.com/30-days-of-angels/


Affirmations are a powerful way to reinforce new ideas and aspirations, gain confidence and improve self-esteem. Repeat the affirmation three times: morning, lunchtime and evening, creating a nine-point confirmation of your belief.

“I am ready to begin a new and empowering spiritual journey.”