Angel Iaoel is another angel associated with bringing news and guidance from God. In Jewish tradition, Iaoel is considered near to God, or perhaps even a manifestation of the power of God himself. Iaoel is said to be the heavenly choirmaster, the one who teaches other angels their songs. Iaoel was sent to Abraham in the Old Testament, to guide him during his sacrifice to God.


Call on Iaoel for guidance as you prepare for the festive season. In particular ask for strength to follow a spiritual path during the coming weeks.


TODAY’S CHALLENGE: Why not start a journal or diary and enter your thoughts each day as you meditate and reflect. Keep using the Crystal Energy meditation or, if you prefer, find an alternative meditation and use it to centre yourself ready for the week ahead.


“I open my heart to Divine guidance.”


As we begin this 30 day spiritual journey, call  the angels to bring light and celestial energies to the planet and use the meditation below to visualise these energies filling the Earth, like a grid of crystals of light reaching from the center of the Earth. Imagine this crystal grid reaching right up to the top of the atmosphere, surrounding and bathing all life in healing, peace and love.
The meditation is 10 minutes long and can be conducted at any time each day.


  1. Louise Exeter

    Such a charming and globally engaging meditation A lovely way to start the day Thank you.

  2. Steve

    Today’s challenge is – how to pronounce “Iaoel”.

    • admin

      Yes, Steve. That’s an interesting question! I’m sure people pronounce the name in several ways. I use ‘ay-o-el’ but ‘eye-o-el’ may also be common. But however you pronounce it (and, indeed, the name of ANY angel energy) be assured that they hear it and will be listening. x

  3. Chhaya sharma

    Hello sir day three Experience with angels is very energetic and feeling a great joy. Thanks sir

  4. Sonia

    Thank You ? such a wonderful meditation with my copper crystal ( I only brought last week, it was meant to be)
    I was left with O’holy night song in my head, just magical

  5. Christine Snowdon

    I pronounce this angels name Lay..owl. its interesting that this angel guides the angelic choir music maybe to all our lives. Some have heard to this day the sounds of angels heavenly singing too, which is wonderful to hear and beyond any we know on earth. God has commented to some that hearing humans sing is the most pleasing of all our praises.