Angel Amitiel brings the power of truth to the world. Truth isn’t just about facts and reality. It includes recognising the commitments you have made to others and remaining faithful to your personal values and beliefs. Often something that is ‘true’ for you maybe be different for another, so carry your beliefs firmly but lightly, with gracious dignity and with tolerance for others. Better to ‘lead by quiet example’ than try to coerce or force others to your way of thinking. Amitiel asks that you stay true to yourself, and not judge others by their beliefs but by how true they are to their beliefs.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE:  Look inside yourself. Are you carrying thoughts or emotions that do not sit well with your true values? Do you harbour resentment or anger towards others because their beliefs do not coincide with yours? Take a moment to clear away negative thinking and reaffirm your own truths. Write down your thoughts in your journal or diary and reflect on them during quiet moments and meditation.


“I will remain true to my ideals, values and beliefs.”


As we continue this 30 day spiritual journey, call upon the angels to bring light and celestial energies to the planet and use the meditation below to visualise these energies filling the Earth, like a grid of crystals of light reaching from the center of the Earth. Imagine this crystal grid reaching right up to the top of the atmosphere, surrounding and bathing all life in healing, peace and love.
The meditation is 10 minutes long and can be conducted at any time each day.


  1. Chhaya sharma

    Today I feel that a hope is growing inside me very nice and beautiful experience.thanks

    • Christine

      Feeling relaxed istening to Darren’s gentle voice. Yes hope for the future energies as the world awakens to the changes needed inside us as well as in recognising that we need to cherish nature and its wonder.